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The sale and realization of Laarakker Business Park is going well. 90% of the lots within the sections of Laarakker Noord and Laarakker Zuid have now been issued. Due to the success of the sale of the currently available business park, the plan for the last part, Laarakker Noordwest, has now been initiated. In addition, there is a desire to realize a facility point and the plots (see picture) Location 1: “De Driehoek” and Location 2“De Boerderij” have been designated for this purpose.
Facility point
Laarakker Business Park would like to give market parties the opportunity to make proposals for filling in this facility point. We therefore cordially invite you to download, read and submit an initiative for one or both locations with an open mind. The invitation to tender clearly describes the guidelines that your submission must comply with.

Uitvraag Facility Point Bedrijvenpark Laarakker
Relevant documents Submit and Contact
Initiators are asked to submit a proposal before 1 October 2021 at the latest. Earlier is also allowed, please! This gives us the opportunity to ask any questions beforehand. You can submit your proposal in two ways; by uploading it using the form below or by emailing it to In principle, a proposal is free of form, but the invitation to tender contains a number of guidelines that your submission must comply with, so read them carefully. Do you have questions? Then you can contact project leader Dennis Boset directly: telephone: +31(0)6 12 86 37 39 or e-mail:
Note: Upload Facility Point proposal can be a maximum of 15 MB size.
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For more information about the Facility Point, please contact project leader: Dennis Boset + 31 (0)6 12 86 37 39 |