Sponsoring club life in Haps now also on behalf of the companies Laarakker

Thursday June 01, 2023

Business park Laarakker and Association Park Management Laarakker support club life in Haps for the first time with €4,000.

Business park Laarakker feels involved in the community of Haps and so do the companies located at the business park. That is why Laarakker Business Park and park management have joined forces. Together they want to contribute to the quality of life in Haps in form of sponsoring local club life. This time they made an amount of (maximum) €4,000 available. They are confident that in 2023 organizations and associations will be able to invest the amount again in activities, plans or events with an unique character.

Until Sunday, July 2, 2023, organizations and associations (based and active in Haps and/or with members in Haps) can submit a sponsorship request.

This sponsorship request must include:

  • A brief description of the foundation, association or organization
  • The idea/plan/event (non-commercial) for which sponsorship is needed
  • The desired sponsorship amount
  • What you want to achieve with your initiative in terms of, for example, a social result

Previously honored initiatives

A sponsorship budget from Laarakker Business Park has been used in this way before. This resulted in several initiatives being honored. Some examples of initiatives that were honored: 

  • Hapse Heem, issue of the book 75th anniversary of Haps;
  • Hapse Boys, contribution to activities during the anniversary weekend
  • Caboose, organizing an anniversary evening
  • De zonnebloem Haps, contribution to various events for elderly and sick people
  • Viva Musica, contribution to the costs of organizing a concert

Great Idea

With this initiative, the Business Park wants to give any association or organization with a good idea a new and equal opportunity to qualify a sponsorship amount. The starting point is that we hope that as many associations, organizations and foundations as possible can benefit from this amount. It would also be desirable that in the implementation of your initiative, attention can be paid to the business park. For example, naming the business park or using our logo.

Associations that have been permanently sponsored in the past or have participated in this form of sponsorship before can now also apply for a new sponsorship contribution only through this application. We aim to announce the various sponsorship amounts before July 31.

The sponsorship request can be submitted to: bvdw@solarisparkmanagement.nl.