Active region

Business Park Laarakker is located in the Noordelijke Maasvallei region of the Netherlands. With a population of 130,000 this is a powerful region, comparable to Den Bosch and more powerful than regions such as Maastricht or Venlo. The region is characterised by a strong industrial sector (food and engineering), trade, innovative health care and excellent tourist and leisure facilities. The region is especially distinctive for its strong activities and developments in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals and health care. An added advantage is that Cuijk and the surrounding area is a very pleasant and affordable place to live.

AgriFood Capital

Business Park Laarakker is located in the same region as AgriFood Capital, which is an association of businesses, public administrations and educational institutes in the Dutch region of Noordoost-Brabant. The parties within AgriFood Capital cooperate on finding innovative solutions for social issues relating to sustainability, food and health. By 2020, AgriFood Capital wants Noordoost-Brabant to stand out as the leading region in the agri-food sector, characterised by an excellent employment market, strong activity and significant innovations, as well as being a pleasant place to live and work. The motto of this aim is “Sowing innovation, harvesting the future”. See website

Cuijk, a pleasant place to live

For a municipality with barely 25,000 residents, Cuijk has a notably wide range of facilities to offer residents, businesses and tourists. The charm of small-scale activities combined with wide-ranging possibilities makes Cuijk – together with the parishes of Beers, Haps, Katwijk, Linden, Sint Agatha and Vianen – a fine place to live, work, do business, go shopping and enjoy leisure activities. For more information, go to the website of the Municipality of Cuijk.